X2 Jet – X4 Jet Systems

This compact, standalone controller is suitable for a variety of applications in the food and beverage industry, pharmaceutical industry, and for building materials. The user-friendly touchscreen user interface makes them very easy to use. Animated graphics simplify and clarify user control. Simple and reliable data transfer via USB stick is possible.


X2 JET System

X2JET can trigger up to 2 print heads to mark packages on two sides, or simultaneously mark products differently on two production lines.


X4 JET System

X4JET can trigger up to 4 print heads for one-or two-sided coding of packaging or on two different production lines.


Versatile, High Speed Printing

Connection of up to 2 / 4 printheads

User Friendly

5.7″ touch user interface for simple operation

Operates Similtaniously on Different Production Lines

2 channel version for marking packaging on two independent production lines with different print starts and speeds.

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