Thermal Inkjet Printing

The Worldwide Coding Solutions thermal ink jet technology is ideal for printing onto a wide variety of substrates even in the most challenging environments. With the widest range of hardware in the market there is a system configuration to suit every suitable application and budget.
Some key features include:

Maintenance-free marking technology
Thermal inkjet printers use a print cartridge concept. The absence of all moving parts in the system (no pumps, no filters, no tubes, no motors guarantees reliability and eliminates costly preventive maintenance requirements. It also significantly limits the risk of unpredictable breakdowns and associated production downtime You simply replace the ink cartridge when it is empty.
Low running costs
Being a mono fluid print cartridge system, thermal inkjets require no fluid other than ink. There are no wearing parts that need replacing so the ongoing cost of ownership remains extremely low.
Safe consumable handling
The inks are non-volatile and enviro-friendly. Since they are provided in a simple replaceable cartridge format, print quality is maintained as the ink nozzles are replaced with every cartridge change. There are no aggressive cleaning solutions and no need for dangerous goods waste disposal.
Print Quality and Versatility
The graphic font system allows the printing of multiple line messages with a mix of font style and size. Special characters and logos can be printed with selectable resolution in graphic quality. USB and Ethernet connections make it easy for remote communications on message input and production feedback.

What are your best

We have a range of intelligent, versatile inkjet coding solutions that are perfect for printing onto a wide variety on surfaces.

Option 1

x1 Thermal inkjet

A versatile, cost-effective, low maintenance solution that’s perfect for high-speed, high-volume inline printing. The ideal single printhead option for marking inner and outer cardboard boxes.

Option 2

Integra one & one ip

Versatile and compact the Integra One thermal inkjet printer is easily integrated into production systems. Lightening fast and razor-sharp Integra perfect for applications in the food industry.

option 3

x2 jet – x4 jet systems

A super versatile, technically advanced multi printhead system with excellent touch screen user interface for simple operation. The perfect solution if you need to mark a variety of products and packaging at high speed on up to 4 individual production lines.

Option 4

ip jet

The thermal inkjet printer IP-JET has been specially developed for use in harsh environments with dust or wet areas. It is particularly suitable for the food industry as well as the plastics, pharmaceutical and chemical industries.

Option 5

integra pp108

Our Markoprint PP Class systems can be easily integrated into any system environment. It is very low maintenance and has a print resolution of up to 360 dpi, it meets a wide range of application requirements including large format.

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