Print and Apply Labellers

The Worldwide Coding Solutions has an extensive range of print-and-apply labelling systems. They combine a label printer and a label dispenser in one single machine. Our label printer applicators will automatically print and apply labels to your products, cartons or pallets in one single process. Since each production process is customised, we use a clever modular system to guarantee you the ideal solution that meets your specific production requirements and your budget.

What are your best

We offer an extensive range of versatile, high-speed print and apply systems to suit all your production line requirements.

Option 1

Alpha Compact Label Applicator

The cost-efficient Alpha Compact labelling system features a small footprint, yet employs a highly-accurate wipe-on method of application to affix pressure-sensitive labels on a wide range of packages or products on your production line.

Option 2

Legi-Air 2050 Label printer and applicator

The Legi-Air 2050 label printer applicator is a compact reliable workhorse. Contactless, reliable and accurate labelling for simple production and packaging lines. It can also be used in semi-automatic mode at workstations, such as in the electronics industry, mechanical engineering or in the automotive and supply industry.

option 3

 Legi-Air 4050 Label printer and applicator

Legi-Air 4050 is a robust and proven print & apply system that meets all the requirements of a modern labeling system, far beyond what is demanded today. Thanks to its consistent modular design, the system can be individually adapted to the particular application and the labeling position can be contolled precisely.

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