Foils, Film and Pouches

We have the expertise and the products to ensure you get the correct product information, bar codes, batch numbers, use-by dates and logos onto your foil, film, pouches and flexible packaging. All applied at high speed and high resolution.

What are your best

We have a range of intelligent coding solutions that are perfect for printing onto all types of foil, film and flexible packaging.

Option 1

Easyprint Compact IM/CM

The Easyprint Compact IM/CM are the ideal entry-level thermal transfer printers. They are perfect if you wish to replace existing printers or hot stamp and roller contact coders. The Compact adaptable design can be used on both intermittent and continuous packaging machines, and its compact size makes it especially suitable for labelling applications.

Option 2

Easyprint Compact 32c/53c

The Compact 32c and 53c offer high quality, cost-effective thermal transfer printing. They provide versatile performance and low cost of ownership and are the perfect coding solution for labels and flexible films. With two printhead width options, 300 DPI printing, and 750mm/s print speed the Compact offers you the versatility and coding capability you need.

option 3

Easyprint Communicator II

The Easyprint Communicator II provides high-performance Thermal Transfer Overprinting for flexible packaging while offering maximum uptime and minimum consumable costs in both intermittent and continuous operation. Its unique cassette-based ribbon control prevents costly downtime caused by ribbon breakages and ensures responsiveness at high speed.

Option 4

x1 inkjet printer

A versatile, cost-effective, low maintenance solution that’s perfect for high-speed, high-volume inline printing onto many types of rigid and flexible packaging materials. The ideal printing solution for food, medical and pharmaceutical manufacturers.

Option 5

Citronix Ci 3500 printer

The Citronix Ci 3500 is an intermediate printer in stainless steel cabinet. It is ideal for 1 to 3 line printing applications with macro and normal drop size at speeds of up to 9.8m/s. It is designed for all non-pigment ink types.

option 6

Citronix Ci 5500 printer

The Citronix Ci 5000 is an advanced high-performance printer with all the capabilities of ci5300 plus advanced connectivity features such as ciLink and the capability to print up to 5 lines of text, graphics and bar codes at high speeds.

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