Handheld Printers

Printing on the move has never been easier! Our range of lightweight handheld printers is very versatile and user friendly. Perfect for building industrial and short-run applications, they allow you to print on a wide variety of surfaces no matter what the size, shape and location.

What are your best

We have a range of intelligent handheld coding solutions that are perfect for printing onto larger or unusually shaped products and many different substrates.

Option 1

x1 Handheld INKJET

This excellent handheld system allows the operator to move the printer over a static box. A simple press of the print trigger will print the required data into the print area.

Option 2

EBS 250 Handheld Printer

A technically innovative printer that is versatile in both print size and operation. Simple accessories make the printer suitable for a wide range of applications.

option 3

 EBS 260 handheld printer

A sophisticated Drop on Demand large character printer with an inbuilt operator interface. Easy message creation can be done on board or via Wi-fi or Bluetooth.

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