The PP108 can print high-resolution text, graphics and barcodes as large as 108 x 225mm.

Integra PP108

This new model is the first Markoprint inkjet printer with PP class printing technology. The Integra PP 108 has a circulating ink system. This automatically removes air from the rows of nozzles and ensures a permanently clean print image. The entire system is level-independent. This means that a difference in height between the print head and the ink tank is not a problem. The ink tank can be installed above, below or at the same height as the printhead. In addition, the new PP Class printhead has a print height of 108 mm and achieves a remarkable speed of up to 150 meters per minute (at a high resolution of 360 dpi).


High Resolution Printing

Prints up to 360 dpi vertical

High Speed

Speeds of 150 m/min (at 360 dpi)

Operates Similtaniously on Different Production Lines

Prints small fonts from 1 mm as well as high-resolution graphics and logos 

Ink On-Demand

Internal ink tank with large ink reservoir

Pigmented MOF Oil Ink

Pigmented MOF Oil Ink (mineral oil free): optimal for printing on absorbent surfaces in the food industry

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