Integra One Thermal InkJet Printer

Thanks to its compact size, the Integra One thermal inkjet printer can be easily integrated into existing production systems. It is equipped with a display for data entry as well as modification and verification of system settings. In the optionally available WLAN version, this information can also be watched from mobile devices.

Lightening Fast and Razor Sharp

Integra One uses proven HP class technology and prints logos, variable text, barcodes and data matrix codes with top speeds of more than 180 m / min. Images are printed in a height of up to 12.5 mm with a high resolution of 600 dpi. The system allows the use of water- and / or solvent-based inks and is therefore suitable for marking a variety of absorbent and non-absorbent surfaces.

Integra One ip

The integra One ip is equipped with IP 65 protection rating so it can operate in wet and dusty conditions. It is therefore perfect for applications in the food industry.

Maintenance Free Technology

No moving parts. Eliminates costly preventative maintenance/

Low running costs

The Integra requires no fluids other than ink

Excellent Print Quality

Prints high speed graphics and fonts in up to 600dpi

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