Rotech RF Auto Feeder

The RF Auto is a sophisticated feed system with auto gating technology. It can automatically adjust to accommodate varying thicknesses of product, helping you to reduce set-up time and waste.
The RF Auto can be easily fitted with a printer or labeller, making it an ideal standalone coding or labelling system.
The simple controls and the use of quick-set hopper guides help to keep downtime to a minimum.

Operator-Friendly and High-Speed

A versatile, semi-automatic way of feeding products such as flat-pack cardboard
sleeves, cartons, blister cards and plastic pouches in a uniform manner. Offline feeders provide the ability to code consistently onto a variety of products and removes the need to have multiple printers across multiple production lines The RF Auto has a small footprint so it can be easily manoeuvred between different production lines.



Easily Intergrated With a Printer

Easily integrated with a range of variable coding equipment.

A High-End Solution

Suited to high volumes, high speed usage

Adjustable Speeds

Variable speed drive for accurate product delivery

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