EBS 260 Handheld Printer

The EBS-260 with a multiple of new functions is the big brother of the hugely successful EBS-250 printing system. can print onto various surfaces such as: metal, glass, foil, concrete, paper or timber. This is made possible by using quick-drying inks or special inks for different applications. Printing height from 11mm to 57mm give you the most flexibility of any portable printer. The double print height allows complex pictograms as well as compact logos (e.g. IPPC Logo) to be printed. Further more, using the narrow dot rows, 4 lines of printing can be made with a single hand movement.

For maintenance, a cleaner cartridge can be installed within a few seconds and the rest of the ink removed from the system with the rinsing function.
In addition, a new built-in positioning laser simplifies the handling of the handjet. The large hardened glass touchscreen allows for an ideal view of the text in print and the most important parameters. These can be adjusted directly on the printer in order to achieve an optimal printing result. Also the newly barcode function, different text fonts, logos and pictograms have unlimited space in the 2 GB large memory

Prints on Almost Anything

Prints on most non-pourus substrates

Advanced Technology

Communication with the printer is simple and versatile via Wi-Fi, Bluetooth or USB

Extensive Range of Accessories

Multiple accessories add additional functions

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